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The anatomy of a mushroom. I love drawing mushrooms,  I love mushrooms in my food, and I love mushrooms puns. There is a fungus among us and it needs a good home!

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Wood Houseplants Sculptures, Yuto Yamasaki



A page from the Arabic version of Kalila wa dimna, dated 1210 CE, illustrating the King of the Crows conferring with his political advisors.


LOOK. IT’S AN INFOGRAPHIC FOR RUFFS. This coming from the fantastic French blog La costume historique—at least, I think they’re fantastic? I’m mostly looking at the pictures.

There’s also one that matches ruffs with collars, which is great.

Wish they ventured into the 17th century, but. Still. What a time to be alive.


Claire Rosen - Birds of a Feather, 2012


Scissors emblazoned with Cavendish arms, English (Sheffield), c.1840 / Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK / The Bridgeman Art Library.


Birth of a Book ~ A short vignette of a book being created using traditional printing methods.